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Dear Students, the fact that you are browsing the pages of this document is reflective of your interest in becoming part of this institution. I wish that you make an intelligent and correct decision in selecting a field of studies leading to the profession as your future career. While making this decision I am sure that you would have had complete information about Sarhad University generally and the Faculty of Engineering particularly.

Under the Faculty of Engineering, three degree programs namely Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering are being offered at the new purpose-built campus (Ring Road) of the University.
All the disciplines are having well equipped laboratories and highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty. This fact is recognized by the Pakistan Engineering Council, the statutory body that accords the accreditation and recognition to the engineering qualification and profession.
Dear Students, it will be of prime interests to you that the Pakistan Engineering Council has accredited Electrical Engineering degree program while the other two disciplines Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering have received commendation and appreciation from the Visitation Teams of the Council during during their interim visit to the Civil Engineering Degree Program and Zero visit to the Mechanical Engineering Degree Program, respectively.

I am confident that, the choice of your joining this Institution will make you a beacon light to those interested in seeking quality technical education.We will welcome you as students of Faculty of Engineering and make you achieve your scholastic ambition with high colors.

The mission of the Civil Engineering Department of Sarhad University of Science and Information Technology is to impart knowledge through research and modern teaching techniques.Apart from the teaching mission, the department also aims to produce competent engineers who are able to meet the challenges of the modern world.

The department does not believe on just teaching theory but emphasizes on practical side of civil engineering as well. For this purpose, laboratories are set up which are equipped with state of the art equipments.

Study tours are regularly arranged for the students to make them familiar with the practical implementation of the technology.
The department is also aimed of establishing the research environment. For this purpose, students are assigned different projects in their 7th and 8th semester. Moreover, the faculty members are also busy in their research on different topics.
As the department aims to enhance the quality of life for the people, therefore, the university offers scholarships for those students who show outstanding results in different semesters.

Admissions to Bachelor of Engineering Programs shall be open to:
1) Candidates who have passed Intermediate (Pre-Engineering Examination) with the subjects of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry from a recognized BISE in Pakistan or any other equivalent examination with at least 60% unadjusted marks. Diploma Holders:
2) Candidates possessing B-Tech (Pass) Degree or 3-years Post-Matric diploma of Associate Engineer in the relevant Technology with at least 60% unadjusted marks. All Candidates are required to appear in ETEA/centralized entry test. Foreign students need to pass entry/aptitude test conducted by the University.

BE-Civil Engg

Description & Eligibility Criteria:

This is the description of Civil Engg Program.

This is the description of Civil Engg Program.

MS-Civil Engg

Description & Eligibility Criteria:

Testing Civil Engneering Program

This is eligibility criteria.........

scheme of studies of Civil Engineering

Description & Eligibility Criteria:

scheme of studies of Civil Engineering

scheme of studies of Civil Engineering

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Engr. Prof. Dr. Sher Afzal Khan
Ph.D (Civil Engg)
User Image
Engr. Prof. Fazal Khaliq

M. Sc
User Image
Engr. Dr. Khalid Mahmood
Associate Professor

User Image
Engr. Dr. Qaiser Iqbal
Assistant Professor

Ph.D, M.S
User Image
Engr. Dr. Abdul Nabi Lashari (Leave)
Assistant Professor

Engr. Shahab Ahmad
Engr. Shahab Ahmad
Assistant Professor
Ph.D(in progress),MSc
User Image
Engr. Adil Shahzad
Assistant Professor
MSc Structural Engineering, UET, Peshawar Pakistan
User Image
Mr. Syed Jalal Shah
Assistant Professor
Engr. Khurram Saleem
Engr. Khurram Saleem
Assistant Professor
Ph.D (In Progress), MS
User Image
Engr. Fazli Karim
Assistant Professor
Engr. Hanif Ullah
Engr. Hanif Ullah
Assistant Professor
Ph.D (in progress),MSc
User Image
Engr. Adnan Afridi
Assistant Professor

Master of Engineering (Civil Engineering)
User Image
Engr. Abdul Waheed
Assistant Professor

Engr. Muhammad Ali Musarat
Engr. Muhammad Ali Musarat
M.Sc (Construction Engg. Mgt.)
Engr. Arbab Imran Khan
Engr. Arbab Imran Khan
M.S Structural Engineering (In Progress) Iqra National University
User Image
Engr. Hassan Khan
M.Sc (in progress),B.Sc
Miss. Mahvish Nisar
Miss. Mahvish Nisar
M.Phil (in progress),M.A
Miss. Nazia Gulzar
Miss. Nazia Gulzar
Ph.D (in progress),M.Phil,MA,M.Ed
User Image
Engr. Omair (Leave)

User Image
Mr. M. Waqar Khan

MS (Mathematics)
User Image
Engr. Muhammad Kamran

MS (Information Technology)
User Image
Engr. M. Majid Naeem

MS (in progress)
User Image
Engr. Sajjad Ali

M.Sc (in progress),B.Sc
User Image
Engr. Nadeem Shah

User Image
Engr. Usman Khan

MS (Civil Engg)
User Image
Engr. Rahmat Ali (Leave)
Lab Engineer

BE (Civil Engg)
User Image
Engr. Basit Ali
Lab Engineer

User Image
Engr. Sida Hussain
Lab Engineer

MS (in progress),BS
User Image
Engr. M. Waleed Sarwar
Lab Engineer

User Image
Engr. Numan Zahid
Lab Engineer

M. Sc (in progress) ,B.Sc
User Image
Engr. Wisal Khan
Lab Engineer

MS (in progress) ,B.Sc
User Image
Engr. Salman Khan
Lab Engineer

M.Sc (in progress),B.Sc
User Image
Engr. Sameer Ahmed Mufti
Lab Engineer

BE (Civil Engg)
User Image
Engr. Hanif Ullah
Lab Engineer

B.Sc (Civil Engg)
User Image
Engr. Muhammad Umair Khan
Lab Engineer

BE (Civil Engg)
User Image
Engr. S. Muhammad Mohsin Shah (Leave)

M.Sc (in progress),B.Sc
User Image
Engr.Azam Amir (Leave)

M.Sc (in progress),B.Sc

One Day Workshop on Engaged Community Learning

News & Updates Description:

As part of SUIT Community Services Activities under Project E-Peshawar, A One day Workshop on "Engaged Community Learning in Universities" was jointly organized in August 2016 by Directorate of ICT Affairs SUIT and Pakistan Institute of ICTs for Development.Islamabad.

Project E-Peshawar is a Community Outreach Project jointly launched on 18th October 2014 by SUIT and Pakistant Institute of ICTs for Development (PIID) Islamabad under the latest concepts of ICT4D (ICTs for Developement). 
This project aims to promote and implement the use of Information Communication Technologies(mobiles, computers and internet) in the rural areas/villages in and around rural areas of Peshawar. 

The Guest Speaker of the occasion was Mr. Ammar Jafferi (Advisor to VC on ICT Affairs/ Chairperson PIID).

All the nominated Faculty members of different departments and the student volunteers participated in this Workshop for understanding concept of Engaged Community Learning. Prof. Dr. Nazir Shah Khattak ( Acting Vice Chancellor, SUIT) was also present on the occasion and appreciated the new concept of ECL to be incorporated in Academia/Higher Education.

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PEC Data

Table-VI: Laboratory Details(Program-Wise)
Name of Engineering Program: Civil Engineering
Number of Total Engineering+Computing Courses: 17+ 2
Number of Lab Courses:19
Number of Laboratories: 10
S # Name of Laboratory(Staff Names--Qualifications) Lab(s) of Course(s) Conducted in the Lab. Type(s) of Workstations (No. of each type) Nature of Experiments No. of Students per Workstation
1 Engineering Mechanics Lab
1:Engr. Abid Hussain  MSc (Mech)
2:Mr.Bashir Ud Din DAE (Mech)
3:Mr. Muhammad Ishaq   SSC
Engineering Mechanics 1- Hooke's Law Apparatus (1) Hands-on 3 to 4
2- Friction Apparatus (1) Hands-on
3- Co-planar Forces Apparatus (1) Hands-on
4- Parallel Forces Apparatus (1) Hands-on
5- Tie and Jib Crane Apparatus (1) Hands-on
6- Roof Truss Apparatus (1) Hands-on
7- Board and Pulley Apparatus (1) Hands-on
8- Static and Dynamic Balancing Machine (1) Hands-on 5 to 10
9- Torsional Oscillations Apparatus (1) Hands-on 3 to 4
10- Friction Apparatus with Drum & Pulley (1) Hands-on
11-Suspension Bridge Apparatus (1) Hands-on 3 to 4
12-Two Hinged Arch Apparatus (1) Hands-on
13-Centrifugal Force Apparatus (1) Hands-on
14-Comprehensive Governor (1) Hands-on
15-Simple Moment Apparatus (1) Hands-on
16-Center of Gravity Apparatus (1) Hands-on
2 Fluid Mechanics Lab
1. Engr. Khuram Saleem MSc (Hydro  Power)
PhD (In Progress)
2. Engr. M. Tufail  BSc (Civil) MSc(In Progress)
3. Mr. Asad Khan SSC
1- Fluid Mechaics - I
2- Fluid Mechanics - II
1- Hydraulic Bench (1) Hands-on 3 to 4
2- Metacentric Height App. (1) Hands-on
3- Bernoulli's App. (1) Hands-on
4- Impact of Jet App. (1) Hands-on
5- Pipe Friction App (1) Hands-on
6- Osborne Reynolds App.  (1) Hands-on
7-Centrifugal Pump App. (1) Hands-on
8- Dead weight Piston Guage (1) Hands-on
9-Compact Centrifugal Pump Test Set  (1) Hands-on
10-Fluid Friction Apparatus  (1) Hands-on
11-Tilting Flow Channel  (1) Hands-on
12-Compact Reciprocating Test Set  (1) Hands-on
13-Bends and Fitting Friction  (1) Hands-on
14-Mini Pelton Wheel Turbine  (1) Hands-on
15-Mini Francis Turbine  (1) Hands-on
16-Mini Kaplan Turbine  (2) Hands-on
17-Reciprocating Pump (1) Hands-on
3 Environmental Engineering lab
1. Engr. Shahab Ahmad M.Sc (Environmental)
2. Engr. M. Abdur.Rahman BSc (Civil)
MSc(in Progress)
3. Mr. Zahir Khan FA
1.Environmental Engg - I
2.Environmental Engg - II
1. pH meter (2) Demonstration 5 to 6
2. Turbid Meter (1) Demonstration
3. Spectrophotometer (1) Demonstration
4. Jar test apparatus (1) Demonstration
5. Fillteration Asemblly (1) Demonstration
6. Oven (1) Demonstration
7.Water Distillation assembly (1) Demonstration
8.IMhoff cone (1) Demonstration
9.Burettes with stands(5) Demonstration
4 Soil Mechanics Lab
1. Engr. Hassan Khan MSc(Geo Technical - InProgress
2. Engr. Abdur Rehman BSc (Civil)
3. Mr. Fayyaz Muhammad Middle
1.Soil Mechanics
2.Geo Technical Engineering
1. Direct Shear Test (1) Hands-on 12 to 15
2. Unconfined Compression Test (1) Hands-on
3. Odometer (1) Hands-on
4. Variable Testing Machine(1) Hands-on
5. Permeability Apparatus (1) Hands-on 3 to 4
6. Standard Proctor Test Apparatus (4) Hands-on
7. Modified Proctor Test Apparatus (3) Hands-on
8. Liquid Limit Apparatus (5) Hands-on
9. Plastic Limit Apparatus (5) Hands-on
10.Sieve Sets (2) Projected
11.Specific Gravity (3) Projected
12.Gang Moulds (1) Projected
13.Automatic Compactor (1) Projected
14.Ball and ring apparatus (1) Hands-on
15.Impact Strength Tester (1) Hands-on
5 Engineering Survey Lab
1.Dr.Amanat Choudary Phd(GeoTech)
2.Engr.Hamid Ali BSc (Civil)
3.Mr. Amir Imtiaz SSC
1.Basic Engineering Survey
2.Advance Engineering Survey
3.Survey Camp
1. Engineering Chain (5) Hands-on 3 to 4
2. Total Station (2) Hands-on
3. Theodolite (9) Hands-on
4. Auto Level (15) Hands-on
5. Plane Table (5) Hands-on
6. Prismatic Compass (10) Hands-on
6 Transportation Engineering Lab
1.Engr. Hanif Ullah MSc (Transportation)
2.Engr. Said Younas BSc (Civil)
3.Mr. Najeeb Ullah DAE (Civil)
4.Mr. Waqar Ahmad SSC
1.Transportation Engg-I
2.Transportation Engg - II
1.CBR Machine (1) Hands-on 3 to 4
2.Core Cutter(2) Hands-on
3.Ductility Testing Apparatus(1) Hands-on
4- Impact of Jet App. (1) Hands-on
5- Pipe Friction App (1) Hands-on
6- Osborne Reynolds App. (1) Hands-on
7-Centrifugal Pump App. (1) Hands-on
8- Dead weight Piston Guage (1) Hands-on
9-Compact Centrifugal Pump Test Set (1) Hands-on
10-Fluid Friction Apparatus (1) Hands-on
11-Tilting Flow Channel (1) Hands-on
12-Compact Reciprocating Test Set (1) Hands-on
13-Bends and Fitting Friction (1) Hands-on
14-Mini Pelton Wheel Turbine (1) Hands-on
15-Mini Francis Turbine (1) Hands-on
16-Mini Kaplan Turbine (2) Hands-on
17-Reciprocating Pump (1) Hands-on
7 Material Testing Lab
1. Engr. Adil Shehzad MSc(Structure)
2. Engr. M.Umer Msc (In Progress)
3.Mr. Mussawar Rasool Middle
1- Mechanics of Solids - I
2- Mechanics of Solids - II
3. PRC - I
4. Projects
1- Universal Testing Machine (1) Hands-on 10 to 12
2- Compression Testing Machine Hands-on
8 Concrete Lab
1. Engr. Omair MSc (Structure)
2.Engr.Ali Mussarrat BE (Civil)MSc(In Progress)
3:Mr. Khalail Khan SSC
1. Civil Engg Materials and Construction
2. PRC - I
1. Concrete Vibrating Table (1) Hands-on 5 to 6
2. Briquette Apparatus(1) Hands-on
4. Air Entrained Apparatus(2) Hands-on
6. Vicat Apparatues(5) Hands-on
7. Slump Test Apparatus(4) Hands-on
8. Static and Dynamic Balancing Machine(1) Hands-on 3 to 4
9. Sieve Shaker(1) Hands-on
10. Set of Sieves(1) Hands-on 10 to 12
11. Vee bee Apparatus(1) Hands-on
13. Rebound Hammer(1) Hands-on
14. Electronic Balances(1) Hands-on
15. Forced Convection Oven(1) Hands-on
16. Electronic Concrete Mixer(1) Hands-on
17. Moulds, Cylinders and Cubes (30) Projected
18. 150 Liter AT205 Pan Mixer (1) Projected
19. Curing Tank (1) Projected
20. Pocker Vibrations (1) Projected 10 to 12
21. Single Place Grinding Machine (1) Projected
22. Concrete Flow Table (1) Projected
23. Mortor Mixer,Automatic Control System (1) Projected
24. Three Place Moulds (1) Projected
25. VICAT Needle Apparatus (6) Projected
26. Aggregate Specific Gravity (1) Projected
27. Temperature Control Curing Tank(1) Projected 10 to 12
28.Impact Testing Machine (1) Demonstration
9 Computer Lab
1. Engr. Usman Amjad MSc (Structure)
2. Engr.Usman Khan MSc (in Progress)
3. Mr.Imran, MSc (Lab Incharge)
1. Structure Engineering Software Application (SAP2000)
2. Civil Engineering Drawing and Graphics (AutoCad)
3. Geo Informatics
4. Computer Programming (Visual Studio)
Computers (40) Hands-on 1
10 Engineering Drawing Hall
1. Engr.M.Abdur Rehman MSc (In Progress)
2. Mr. Fayyaz Akhtar SSC
Engineering Drawing for Civil Engineers Drawing Tables (59) Hands-on 1

Program Data

S # Program Title Accreditation of intake Batches (Intake from-to) Green Signal Zero/Interrim Visits (Intake from-to)
1 Civil Engineering 2007 – 2010 N/A
Table-II          STUDENT SUMMARY (PROGRAM-WISE) Name of Engineering Program: Civil Engineering
Study Year Batech/Enrollment Year No. of Students No. of Section
1st Year 2013 91 2
2nd Year 2012 94 2
3rd Year 2011 92 2
4th Year 2010 118 3
Total 395 9
Table-III         Faculty SUMMARY (PROGRAM-WISE) Name of Engineering Program: Civil Engineering
  Faculty teaching Engineering Subjects Faculty teaching Non Engineering Subjects
Program Faculty (Dedicated) 9*+2 8 3 22 ---- 2 ---- 2
Program Faculty  (Shared with programs ----- ----- ----- ---- ---- 2 ---- 2
Shared Faculty (from other programs) 1 ----- ----- 1 ----- ----- ----- ----
Visiting Engg. Faculty (from Industry, or other university)   ----   ------   -----   -----   -----   -----   -----   -----
* (MSc in Progress)
Table-IV          STUDENT: TEACHER RATIO (PROGRAM-WISE) Name of Engineering Program: Civil Engineering
A.Total students currently enrolled in the Engineering Program 395
B. Total full time-time dedicated Engineering faculty members 20
Student: Teacher Ratio [A:B] 20:01