Art and  Design

In the ever-competitive world of fashion, earning a master’s degree in fashion and textile design can give you an edge over your peers and help you succeed in the fashion industry. Textile design involves the conceptualization, creation and utilization of textiles. Fashion designers study, create and oversee the production of clothing, shoes and accessory designs.While a bachelor’s degree in fashion is often not necessary, some prerequisite coursework may be needed. Most programs look for experience in the fashion industry or coursework related to the field. Courses in fashion, design, drawing and art and fashion history are all common prerequisites. Many programs also request that individuals submit a portfolio with their admissions application.

Department of Art and Design at Sarhad University of Science and information technology inculcates a zeal for design through a characteristic education program in a student-centered environment leading to gratifying careers as design professionals.

To create learning based community for students whose values are based on productivity and creativity. We not only aim to provide practical knowledge to the students but in the long run would strive to prepare students for related roles in fashion, textile industry and retail outlets. In support of its vision our department values rests on building an academically inspiring community that is a hub of creative activity.
Our Core Values

Research Innovation
Academic and Aesthetic Excellence
Discovery and creativity
Professional /Business Ethics

Program Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
Number of courses: 22 + Final Collection
Credit Hours: 66
Program Code:

Eligibility Criteria:
Candidates holding Bachelors Degree in Art & Design, Fine Arts, or other equivalent degree from recognized University/DAI with at least 45% marks. Candidates need to pass an entry test and an aptitude interview to be conducted by the University.


Semester - I 15
Course Code Course Name Cr. Hrs
History of Art I  3-0
Basic Drawing 0-3
Color Theory 1-2
Materials and Model  0-3
Shaping-I (Design) 1-2
Semester – II 18
Course Name Cr. Hrs
Sculpture 0-3
History of Art II 3-0
Art Psychology 3-0
Drafting 0-3
Basic Painting 1-2
Shaping-II 1-2
Semester – III 18
Course Name Cr. Hrs
Advance Drawing 0-3
Painting I 0-3
Printmaking 0-3
History of Culture 3-0
Research Methodology 3-0
Advance Color Theory 0-3
Semester – IV 15
Course Name Cr. Hrs
Digital Design 0-3
Painting II 0-3
En- plein air 0-3
Specialized Oil Color I (Collection) (Elective) 0-6
Specialized Water Color I (Collection) (Elective) 0-6
Specialized Acrylic Color I (Collection) (Elective) 0-6
Specialized Mix Media I (Collections) (Elective) 0-6
Exhibition Audit Basis

Ms. Rehmika Bint-e-Mukhtar
Ms. Rehmika Bint-e-Mukhtar
M.A Textile Designing
Ms. Madiha Ahmad
Ms. Madiha Ahmad
M.Sc Textile Designing
Ms. Ayesha Batool
Ms. Ayesha Batool
M.Sc Textile Designing (University of Peshawar)
Ms. Misbah Iqbal
Ms. Misbah Iqbal
achelors of Fashion & Textile Designing
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