• Alumni, SUIT

    Alumni, SUIT

  • Alumni, SUIT

    Alumni, SUIT

Name of Network

The name of the network shall be “Sarhad University Alumni Network”, hereinafter referred to as the SUAN.


In these by laws under anything repugnant in the subject or context:
(i) “SUAN” means the ‘Sarhad University Alumni Network (SUAN)
(ii) “VC" means Vice Chancellor of Sarhad University of Science and IT, Peshawar.
(iii) “Member” means a bonafide member of the Sarhad University Alumni Network.
(iv) “General Body” means General Body of the Sarhad University Alumni Network.
(v) “Executive Committee” means the Executive Committee of Sarhad University Alumni Network (SUAN), hereinafter referred to as ECSUAN.
(vi) All other words and expressions which have been used but not defined shall have the same meanings as have respectively been assigned to them in the Ordinance and the Rules.

Principal Office

The Principle Office of the SUAN within the University shall be at Office of Alumni Affairs, Landi Akhon Ahmad, Ring Road Peshawar, Pakistan.


To complement its activities the SUIT Alumni Network may form regional, provincial and international chapters (If Needed)


The SUIT Alumni Network shall not affiliate with any Govt. organization, political party in Pakistan or internationally to extend its support in any political movement, cause, activity or candidate for political position/office in Pakistan or abroad.

Fiscal Year

The fiscal year of the Network shall begin on the first day of November till end date of December.

Administrative Year

The administrative year shall run from first date of November till end date of October. The administrative year shall be used to govern: term of membership in the network as well as term of membership in the Executive Committee, which is the Network governing body and elected through the general elections of the Network.

Prof. Dr. Salim Ur Rehman
We, at Sarhad University Of Science and IT Peshawar, value our bond and relationship with our Alumni and expect them to remain in touch no matter where they are. The University Management has been desirous of establishing network to keep a track of our Alumni and to solicit their support in improving and strengthening the university programs. A small but dedicated team at the University has finally helped realize this dream and established the Alumni Network. It is hoped that this network will foster fruitful relationship with our Alumni and contribute towards the development of not only the university but also the Alumni Network. Additionally, the Alumni Network is expected to share information about opportunities with fresh graduates and student success, recognize university accomplishments, and perpetuate SUIT Traditions. The Alumni Office is expected to design and develop mechanism to update and inform the Alumni Growth and Business Opportunities available throughout the Network

So Let's Join hands and strengthen the SUIT Alumni Network for better Utilization of Our resources and exploit opportunities.

Prof. Dr. Salim Ur Rehman

Vice Chancellor, SUIT

Mr. Afrasyiab Farooq
Greetings from your beloved Mr Afrasyiab Farooq. Sarhad university of Science and Technology, Peshawar!

The office of Alumni Relations is the primary communications link between the University and our SUIT Alumni. It is our goal to encourage and foster lifelong alumni participation involvement, and commitment. Over the next several months and years it will be our goal to strengthen the bond between the university and our alumni; to create programs which match the interests and needs of the alumni; to maintain and build upon the positive relationships we have with our more seasoned alumni; to increase the participation, involvement, and communication with our younger alumni; and to continue to serve as the primary communications link between the University and it‘s alumni.

Achieving these goals will require a tremendous team effort, and it will be important to enlist the assistance of University administration, friends of the university, and of course … The Alumni! We recognize acknowledge, and embrace our alumni as vital stakeholders in the advancement of the university Therefore, we encourage all alumni to participate in and support the programs, services and numerous campus activities and events Please stay connected through involvement and participation in the sarhad university Alumni Association. We also encourage each alumnus and friend of the university to be ambassadors for Sarhad university in their respective communities by assisting With the recruitment of students and by supporting programs via your time and talent.

Help us keep the "Trojan Experience" alive.

Mr Afrasyiab Farooq

Alumni Officer, SUIT


  • To conduct its purpose and affairs in an open, honest, sincere, and forthcoming manner.
  • To create a sense of abiding affection and affinity thro mentioned reciprocation in the minds of the former and ongoing students enkindling their interest to keep themselves aware of the divergent opportunities to encourage together for the contribution of their all-round progress benefiting their Alma matter
  • To foster good rapport between the management, staff and students at campus for the growth and development of the university & Alumni office to better its public image
  • To arrange and conduct professional, career and social programs for the benefit of on hand students at campus and alumni.
  • To provide alumni with the opportunity for social and professional networking and career development inside as well as outside campus.
  • To act as ambassador for the SUIT in promoting learning and helping with student recruitment in the field.
  • To provide a platform for alumni to communicate, meet and arrange activities to advance the growth of SUIT and the SUAN (Sarhad University Alumni Network).
  • To further strengthen ties and companionship between on hand SUIT students, the faculty members with their alumni.
  • To help in binding avenues of employment or career and in acquiring services for technical, vocational & professional training to students and ex-students
  • To record and update alumni database quarterly
  • To conduct and maintain annual employability record of alumni
  • To update via webpage, face-book group (SUAN), email, call etc regarding Jobs, internships and scholarships on daily basis.
  • To conduct recruitment test & mock interviews in close collaboration with career development center at campus.
  • To collect students CV’s via CV box placed at campus and submit it to different employers accordingly.

Status of Non-Profit

The SUAN is a non-profit Network . All members of the SUAN work voluntarily to the extent of its objectives. SUAN shall work for the unification of SUIT alumni and build associations among themselves, the University, the students and the faculty.