Why Choose SUIT

Fantastic Campuses

We have outstanding facilities available at our main campus, within easy reach of the students. At the main campus, you will find state of the art facilities for learning, and research. The University has ongoing plans to invest significant sums in campus-based social facilities.

Outstanding resources and facilities

Ongoing investment in our teaching and learning provision and ambitious plans for future developments mean cutting-edge equipment, resources and facilities second to none. Our innovative approach to teaching and learning is demonstrated with our online 'virtual' learning environment.

Superb access to information

You can be assured of easy and open access to an abundance of Library and IT facilities, directly supporting your learning requirements. Huge investment is being ploughed into our libraries. Subject-specific librarian will help you with your exact needs and you will also have access to our HEC Digital Library.

Professionally relevant and respected courses

Our strong links with industry, professions and established arrangements with professional bodies ensure courses are current, relevant and recognized by the professions. With many courses offering work placement opportunities, valuable professional experience gives you outstanding career prospects.

Established yet responsive

Although a relatively new university, our longstanding reputation for excellence in professionally relevant higher education is linked with our professionally demanding disciplines and contemporary courses. Our strong sense of history, combined with our high ambitions for the future, reflect the university's unstinting commitment to provide the very best possible student experience.

In-touch teaching

Our staff expertise is one of our most valuable resources, with the majority still either practicing in their related fields or providing consultancy to professional organizations. This ensures they remain fully in touch with industry developments and can continue to deliver relevant study programs. Our staff includes numerous leading figures in fields from Engineering, Pharmacy, Management, Computer Science / IT, Social Sciences, Arts & Education, making this a truly exciting and inspiring place of learning.

Place of opportunity

Whether you want to widen your mind, progress your career, augment your knowledge, travel the global or revolutionize the world, SUIT can provide you with the prospect and real life skills to do it.


Research, which is focused around five faculties of the University is academically and professionally relevant. Faculty members themselves involved in a number of research projects, also providing sufficient guidance to the senior students, as well as students of junior batches. This not only provides a significant research-based platform to the faculty members, but also inculcate a sense of importance about research among the students.