SUIT Fee Refund/Fine Policies


  • Security: Refundable
  • Admission Fee: Non Refundable

Tuition Fee & Other Fee:

Upto 7th Day of Commencement of Classes
Full 100% Fee Refund
From 8th to 15th Day of Commencement of Classes
Half 50% Fee Refund
From 16th Day Commencement of Classes

No Fee (0%) Refund

(2)           SUIT FINE POLICY

Late Fee Fine After Due Date:

a.     Rs 500/- Per Week Will be charged up till one month.

b.     Rs 5000/- will be charged after one month.

c.      Rs 100/- will be charged for duplicate fee slip.

d.     Student will not be enrolled in a semester after one month (i.e.; on expiry of this month)

e.     Defaulters may not be allowed to sit in classes.